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Cemneo Funeral Home and Cemetery Management Software with Data-Driven Mapping | Caring, Made Simple.

Most funeral homes - and cemeteries - are paying for software features they are frustrated by, and don't need. This is because most "industry-leading" funeral management and cemetery management software assumes two things: 1) your professional care staff should also be well-versed in accounting transactions, and 2) there is a "one size fits all" solution to funeral home management and cemetery management software. The Cemneo software solution is different.

  • Cemneo is smart. Cemneo is the only industry-specific software designed to be simple and intuitive, and include *only* the software features you truly need.
  • Cemneo is flexible. Other funeral management software is frustrating to users because it imposes an inefficient process. Cemneo anticipates that your workflow may change, and is flexible enough to get things done fast and efficiently, no matter what your process.

Cemneo modules streamline your process and workflow, save time and money by reducing the number of support calls, and optimize your IT investment.

  • Showcased at CANA 2014: Cemneo Chain of Custody™ Workflow Management System mitigates risk, facilitates documentation of policies and procedures for identification and verification, and provides end-to-end traceability from first call to final delivery, with management reporting and a verifiable audit trail. Read more here
  • Cemneo's Forms & Contracts™ Flexibility! Start anywhere on the page and enter information as you receive it. No special skills or training required!
  • Cemneo Scheduling & Alerts™ Real-time calendar sync keeps the team in touch, and builds trust to avoid scheduling mishap.
  • New! Cemneo Ticklers and Touchpoint™Keep in touch with families, build relationships, remember important anniversaries and events.
  • Cemneo Interactive, Data-Driven Maps™ Create and access contracts directly from your map in real-time!

VIDEO: Kurt Heston VP Engineering interviewed by Ryan Thogmartin, ConnectingDirectors

Maps! Cemneo's interactive, data-driven maps help cemeteries to understand their parks, and discover new ways to optimize property investment.
Click here to request our PDF: "5 Ways Data-Driven Maps Can Help You Better Understand Your Cemetery Business"

Cemneo works in any browser - computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone. Cemneo instantly integrates with all aspects of your business as standalone or bolt-on to existing software, with no extensive training or skills required.

Caring, Made Simple.

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